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Your safe track to Algeria.

From our point of view, being ranked 157 on 190 in the Doing Business Ranking doesn’t mean you can’t do business in Algeria. It rather means that the barrier to entry for your competitors is very high in one of the largest, richest and dynamic market in Africa dominating the southern shore of the mediterranean.

If your business has an added value for the Algerian market and economy, we will take care of your investment project until you press the green button, as if it was ours. Thanks to a network of experienced business men, entrepreneurs, consultants and experts, with business relays across the whole country from Tlemcen to Annaba, through Algiers and Ghardaïa, we are the one-stop shop solution you were looking for.

Our little story

A word from the founder

As an Algerian-Belgian entrepreneur, I have spent the past 12 years of my professional life doing business between Belgium and Algeria, first for European companies then for myself as an entrepreneur. Having been through all the barriers of incorporating, creating joint-ventures, partnering not once but several times, and after having successfully started up what became the largest B2B tradeshow organizing company in Algeria, becoming #1 in five years, I have decided to create this ambitious platform dedicated to support foreign investments in Algeria and local start up/scale up initiatives as I believe this country doesn’t have the visibility and access it deserves on the international scene. More than “boutique consulting firm”, Djazinvest is structured as a global network of hand-picked Algerian experts, business men/women, entrepreneurs, consultants and experts ready to inject their knowledge and expertize of the Algerian market to accelerate your projects in Algeria. Because the time has now come to THINK ALGERIA.

Olivier-Hicham Allard


Like a full-time project manager
expert in Algeria

We are extremely proud of our hand-picked board of sector experts allowing our customers, whatever their sector of activity, to have access to exact and precise information in a much shorter time than if they had to look for it by themselves. Our investment & management team is composed with experienced persons with a very strong sense of ethics in business that will positively label your project all along its process.