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Buy-Side Deal Sourcing

Djazinvest sources deals for each type of its buy-side clients – including private equity groups, family offices, corporate acquirers, fundless sponsors, venture capitalists, angel investors, individual partners in private equity groups and family offices and qualified high net-worth investor groups. Djazinvest sources all its own deals.  We interview and qualify the owners of each target company we introduce to our clients.

For those owners not willing to sell now, we conduct a courting process.  We remain in consistent contact with these owners.  We build relationships with them, and reintroduce them to our clients when these owners are ready to sell. Deal sourcing is based on a detailed understanding of each client’s acquisition criteria.  We source both platform and add-on deals.

We source deals based on revenue/EBITDA ranges, deals within specific geographic footprints, and deals which compliment the skill sets of executives-in-residence.  Deals sourced include seed capital, growth capital, recapitalizations and buyouts.  Our typical buy-side clients seek companies with revenues between $10 million and $100 million.

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Investment criteria

We work with established SMEs/Corporation in our investment focus areas that have a convincing growth thesis, clear focus and a compelling competitive advantage. We also look for owner-managed businesses that are approaching a new critical juncture and preparing to scale up.

Typically, this is the type of deals we are looking for :

Small & Medium company

Company size : 675 to 6750 Mio DZD
(€ 5 to 50 M)
  • Capital raised : 350 - 1650 Mio DZD
  • Type of deal : Buy-and-build
  • Type of deal : LBO / Recap

Large Corporation

6750 Mio and above
(> € 50 M)
  • Capital raised : Min. 1350 Mio DZD
  • Type of deal : Rollout
  • Type of deal : Growth equity
  • Sector agnostic
  • Debt/equity financing
  • International & local investment funds

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