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The question isn’t whether to do deals but with who and how to do them so that they create sustainable value with minimum risk. When you want to invest in a market like Algeria, having access to a strong and reliable network of Algerian decision-makers, entrepreneurs and investors can make a huge difference with starting from scratch. We help our customers avoid losing weeks and months getting the right information or actively screen and look for the right potential partner if the project should be done as a Joint-Venture investment.

We can take it much further by developping a business plan and growth strategy while testing market viability, identify experienced management team and help our customer design optimal deal structure to balance risk and reward.

In the contexte of a potential merger & acquisition project we work to optimize transaction value, design marketable material (teaser, pitches etc.), prepare management for due diligence, target potential acquirers/sellers and navigate sensitive negotiations.

  • Improve your odds of success
  • Meet strong local partners
  • Fact-based & rigorous due diligence
  • Keep full control on your Algerian branch

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