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Tradeshow representation

Exhibit in largest tradeshows without travelling

What if you could get 100 % of the benefits of exhibiting to any tradeshow in Algeria without having to travel ? 

Travel restrictions, safety & security, work-life balance, a busy agenda,…sometime you can’t just allocate 1 week of travel to exhibit to this tradeshow targeting exactly your sector of activity. But what if, sitting in your office, on the other side of the planet, you could still book your stand, equip it, send your products/machines/samples to Algeria, your marketing material printed onsite, have a dedicated team composed with highly educated engineers/business profiles briefed on your products/services holding your booth, collecting business cards, leads details, controlled by a live-streaming camera where you can still interact if a high-potential contact requests a conference call with you during the 3 days of the event ? 

Yes, it’s possible !

Remember ? We are investors in Algeria’s largest tradeshow company. We have the most skilled teams in term of tradeshow organization and operations. We can make sure your booth is held by persons you might actually be tempted to hire immediately if your business takes off in Algeria. 

  • Have a full stack booth in any Algerian tradeshow
  • We manage your booth for you
  • Test the market and collect business leads
  • Compress your marketing costs and save time

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