Case 2 : Belgian pharma company setting up a local JV & manufacturing plant

JV setup + Incorporation + Industrial land obtainment

This € 130 M revenue Belgian pharmaceutical manufacturer contacted us to setup a local branch in Algeria and realize a direct investment in order to build a manufacturing unit near Algiers. In the context of this project we screened several potential partners, introduced them to our customer, then incorporated the company from scratch with the selected partner, taking care of all paperwork, notary acts, capitalization, we then visited over 10 different potential location to rent industrial surfaces and decided to apply for a 5000 square meter industrial land concession in the new city of Sidi Abdellah. We followed up the whole land concession application process until the company obtained its 5000 square meter land. 

ClientSMB Laboratories
Duration1 year

What We’ve Done

We followed up the entire project from the decision to penetrate the Algerian market until JV incorporation with selected partners and the obtention of a 5000 square meters land in the industrial zone of Sidi Abdellah just next to Algiers.

Our Process

We have worked on a retainer + success-based fee structure with clear and concrete milestones established by our customer.

  • Identify the final objective
  • Define milestones
  • Introduce partners and incorporate
  • Obtain an industrial land concession