Case 3 : French food supplement company looking for local distributor

Market penetration

This French food and food supplement manufacturer contacted to help him find a local distributor for his range of sport and lifestyle food supplement products. We provided him a shortlist of 5 potential distributors interested in his product and organized a business road trip to organize direct face to face meetings. He eventually selected the best partner and started doing business.

ClientUndisclosed / NDA
Duration2 months

What We’ve Done

We have helped your customer concentrate his time and money on one single travel to Algeria to meet a shortlist of reliable distributors interested by his product. He quickly identified the best partner and started doing business in Algeria.

Our Process

We have worked on asuccess-based fee structure with clear and concrete milestones established by our customer.

  • Identify the final objective
  • Define milestones
  • Analyze and introduce partners
  • Start a business partnership